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Day 27 of March is for African Music Month

Song: Moto (Fire)

Artist: Tay Grin

Country: Malawi

Generally, when people think about Malawian music they immediately think of The Very Best. So, I wanted to find some other great Malawi musicians to feature on my blog today. I chose Tay Grin because his music is fun and fresh.

Tay Grin, or Limbani Kalilani, is one of the most popular hip-hop artists in Malawi. His best known album is Proudly African. He has also been nominated for the Channel O music awards in 2007 and 2008, which his helped him gain fame across the African continent. He also founded Phone Yanu (Pvt), a wireless Malawian telephone company, and Black Rhyno Entertainment.

This song comes from his most recent album Nyau King and features Wendy Harawa. The song is about how Tay Grin brings “fire” every time he raps. It is a great self-proclaimed “summer jam” that showcases Malawian hip-hop unique blending of local and global influences.

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