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Mucubal Woman With Ompota Carrying Her Baby On Her Back, Virie Area, Angola

Mucubal women wear an original and unique headdress called the Ompota. It is made of a wicker framework, traditionally filled with a bunch of tied cow tails, decorated with buttons, shells, zippers and beads. But tradition is disappearing as some women use barbie dolls boxes to cram their ompota headdress.

Women, whether they are married or not, can wear jewels. Ornaments like iron anklets, called Othivela, and armlets, called Othingo, are worn by girls as well as adult women.

Mucubal women also wear a string around their breasts called an oyonduthi, which is used as a bra.

Women smoke tobacco (that they keep in a snuffbox called boceta) in pipes called opessi.

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