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The Volta River and Moses. 

Mankango, Ghana. 

January, 2014

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The Ashanti Home Touch Hotel

I was invited to photograph the opening night of this mesmerising hotel. It was full of intriguing characters. One of which, Ama Virgin, is the subject of an article and photo series I recently did for Accent magazine. 

Kumasi, Ghana. 

December, 2013.

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Ebola Updates - Here’s A Summary Of the Latest News Concerning the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa.

As reported earlier, the current outbreak of Ebola in several West African countries is the deadliest on record.

The first wave of this outbreak first occurred earlier this year with confirmed cases in both Guinea and Liberia. Now, currently in its second wave, a senior official at Doctors Without Borders has described the outbreak as being ‘totally out of control’ as the death toll from the virus continues to escalate and has so far claimed close to 700 lives.

In recent news, health officials working to address and contain the disease have become infected with the virus resulting in the death of Liberian doctor Samuel Brisbane and Ugandan doctor Simon Ajok. Brisbane is the first Liberian doctor to die from the illness. Now, two American health workers Dr Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol have both tested positive for the disease. Both are in isolation a treatment facility at the ELWA hospital in Monrovia, Liberia. Brantly and Writebol are said to be in stable but serious conditions.

Previously, cases had been announced in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. However, last week the first Ebola case of this outbreak was confirmed in Lagos, Nigeria, after a Liberian national that travelled on a yet unnamed airline collapsed at the Murtala Mohammed Airport and was rushed to hospital. Doctors confirmed he did have Ebola and within days, he had passed away from the disease. One of the local airlines in the country, Arik Air, has now banned all flights to and from Liberia and Sierra Leone.

A woman with Ebola on Sierra Leone has been tracked down by officials after she was forcibly removed from the hospital by her family.

According to The Guardian, the west African outbreak is the first time that Ebola, which was first discovered in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1976, has appeared in heavily populated urban areas and international travel hubs. The mortality rate of the current outbreak is about 60%.

There is no cure or vaccine for the virus.

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Movie Mondays: “Burning An Illusion” - Dir. Menelik Shabazz (1981).

Pat is a single woman, employed, financially independent, carefree and living in her own flat in London, until she meets suave and smooth talking Del. The two start dating and it isn’t long before Del moves in with Pat.

At first, things seem rosy between the them, that is, until Del quits (or loses) his job. As newly unemployed Del becomes more complacent with his situation, fully relying and taking advantage of the care that Pat and her job provide for him, their relationship takes a quick downward spiral and it isn’t long before things heatedly escalate.

Burning An Illusion is a powerful and important film for so many reasons. Not only does it feature a black woman as the central character, Pat - played by Cassie McFarlane - is a woman with complexities that defy stereotypes of black women throughout the history of Western cinema. She’s both strong and sensitive, defiant and desperate, lovestruck and lonely.

The film also tackles a number of issues related to gender roles and expectations within the Afro-Caribbean British community, black consciousness, race, class and other socio-economic factors that personally affect the film’s many characters.

In making this film writer and director Menelik Shabazz, born in Barbados, became the second black filmmaker to produce a feature film in Britain. Shabazz is also the founder of the BFM (Black Filmmakers) Film Festival in England.

The film won the Grand Prix at the Amiens International Film Festival in France, and  actress Cassie McFarlane won the Evening Standard Award for “Most Promising New Actress”.

Burning an Illusion and director Menelik Shabazz were honoured with a Screen Nation Classic Film Award in October 2011.

The relationship between Pat and Del at times reminded me of the couple in Nothing But A Man.

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Hi, I see that you posted the song "Sore" by Diogal. I have always loved this song so much, but never understood the lyrics, as I do not speak the Wolof language. I found a dictionary that could help me, but I have no idea what the lyrics to the song are/how they're spelled. Could you be of any help or know someone I could ask? thanks so much!
dynamicafrica dynamicafrica Said:

Hi there! It’s a beautiful song but unfortunately, I don’t speak Wolof either. Perhaps someone who does will see this and be able to translate the meaning of it for us.

Here’s the song.

Current Commonwealth Games Standings of African Teams.

The 20th Commonwealth Games officially kicked off four days ago in host city Glasgow, Scotland.

Africa is represented by 18 different countries namely Botswana, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. The Gambia withdrew from the Games in October 2013.

The 11-day event, ending on August 3rd, brings together a little under 5,000 athletes from 71 different countries and territories, competing in a series of 17 different sports and will see a total of 1,385 medals won.

In current medal standings, South Africa ranks highest amongst African nations and is the only African country in the top 10 (at position six) with a total of 14 wins so far - three gold, five silver and six bronze. Nigeria, at 11th place overall, just misses the top 10 with a total of four medals - one gold, two silver and one bronze.

The next ranking African country is Cameroon at 13th place overall - one silver and one bronze. Ghana, Mauritius and Zambia are tied for 20th place overall on the medals table, each with one bronze medal.

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MAANTA MAG is looking for marketers, graphic designers, contributing editors, photographers, writers and curators. The only qualifications are that you must be passionate about Somali culture and have a love for new media. These positions are not paid— they’re voluntary. If you’re looking to build your portfolio or get connected to people in the writing world, this might be a beautiful place to begin that journey. 

MAANTA MAG will strive be 100% inclusive, meaning we’re especially interested in uplifting and highlighting the voices of women, queer-identified and nonbinary Somalis. If you think you don’t fit in with most Somalis, you’ll definitely fit in with us.

Specifically, we’re looking for fresh reportage, criticism and original artwork. Full submission guidelines coming soon. In the mean time, pitch us. Your voice will help shape this mag into something we can all appreciate!

Email us if you’re interested: maantamag@gmail.com. 

Thank you,



Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you watch Scandal? If yes, then what are your thoughts about the show?
dynamicafrica dynamicafrica Said:

Nope don’t watch it, sorry.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, actress Thandie Newton talks all things ‘Half Of A Yellow Sun’, Zimbabwean politics, racism in the film industry and her friendship with writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

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Happening today in NYC!

Queenies, Fades, & Blunts is an pop-up QTPOC beauty space curated by The Lonely Londoners featuring original works from Mojuicy (Mohammed Fayaz), Quilombo (Bryan Rodriguez), and Kareem Reid & Khaleb Brooks.

Curating a production of film and artwork from these local artists of color, The Lonely Londoners invite you to indulge in these abstract ideas of un/safe cultural spaces, herstories, hair stories, beautification and how these processes are experienced socially, culturally and politically. Submissions for a following zine are now open for print and online publication in August, which you can find here.

We want to see you all there. Join us for an early evening of refreshments & the sweetest vibes followed by papijuice​ Volume 14 at One Last Shag, with guest DJs Beto and Ushka of iBomba.

Click attending on Facebook

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Happening today in NYC!

ISSUE Project Room & Pioneer Works Present:  Mahmoud Ahmed.

One of Africa’s leading musicians and a pioneer of theEthiopian music scene during its ‘golden age’ in the 60s-80s, Mahmoud Ahmed’s career has enjoyed longevity due to his blend of classic Ethiopian folk music styles with soul, jazz & funk, and of course the distinct and unbelievable talent embedded in his beautiful multi-octave voice.

Now, thanks to ISSUE Project Room and Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation, Mahmoud Ahmed will be performing live in Red Hook, Brooklyn—his first New York performance since 2011.

Additional supporting acts will be announced soon for this indoor/outdoor event, which opens ISSUE Project Room’s summer concert series in collaboration with Pioneer Works.

Listen to Mahmoud Ahmed sing ‘Yeshi Hargetu’.

Saturday July 26th (3-8pm)
159 Pioneer Street
Red Hook, Brooklyn

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DOCUMENTARY: “Anita: Speaking Truth to Power.”

Recently watched this powerful and compelling documentary about Anita Hill and the sexual assault case where she provided testimony against Judge Clarence Thomas who was then nominated for the US Supreme Court.

At the time Hill, who was a former employee of Thomas’ (who shamefully called the proceedings a case of ‘high-tech lynching’ as a way to deflect from the issue of sexual harassment by using race as a factor - the only factor), was a law professor at the University of Oklahoma where she grew up. She gave her testimony live on national television in October 1991 and, unbeknownst to her, the effect of her decision to speak out would almost immediately spark what the Boston Globe called, “a passionate debate about sexual harassment in the workplace and elsewhere”, and one that is far from over.

In a world where gender and racial oppression are systemic, and where victims are blamed and perpetrators shielded by the oppressive and shaming nature of rape culture, Anita Hill’s story remains both relevant and necessary in its telling. What’s I found particularly interesting about the film is how director Freida Mock conveyed this story in such a way that made it both Anita’s story and that of so many women in the United States and around the world.

Hill, now a professor and Brandeis University, has dedicated much of her life to speaking about sexual harassment and gender issues, as well as how these matters often intersect with race, as well as helping others find their voice. 

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NEW MUSIC: Waje ft Tiwa Savage - Onye.

Anyone who knows me knows just how much, and how hard, I stan for Nigerian women in the music industry. Not only do many of them continuously put out fresh content, but when it comes to creativity, they rarely seem to lack in that department.

In the latest collaboration between Waje and recent MTV MAMA Award winner Tiwa Savage, they take their cues from both Western and traditional Nigerian influences putting a modern spin on the 1950s housewife trope and adding some flavour to something I’m referring to as the ‘pounded yam maiden’.

The result? Lots of humour, cuteness and pretty damn good acting.

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