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Nigerian Artist Digitally Enhances Classic Gangster Film, Inserts Self.

It’s been over 40 years since the initial release of Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather was released. But as with many of Hollywood’s most celebrated classics, you’d be hard pressed to find complex black characters in the forefront (or even the background) of the award-winning Mafia drama.That is, until now.

Fed up with the misrepresentation and underepresentation of black men in this film, Nigerian artist Uche Okpa-Iroha has digitally inserted himself into scenes throughout the film.

In his own words, Okpa-Iroha says:

‘The Godfather is one of the best films ever, but it misrepresents and underrepresents the black man, and as an artist I have to question that. I use humour to probe the media dynamics of race and examine the imbalance in Hollywood. My simple acts of intrusion show what was left out.’

What I love most about these images is that the space that Okpa-Iroha occupies in 2-D creates an almost palpable character that goes beyond the stereotypical. He is present in pivotal scenes and, although the film’s real characters do not always appear to directly interacting with him, it does not diminish or take away from the fact that not only is he there, but he has a voice and has agency.


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Racist white Teacher Suspended for Punching 5-Year-Old Girl in the Face

A racist teacher at Sheffield Elementary School in Memphis, Tennessee has been suspended after being accused of punching a 5-year-old girl. The teacher, whom theschool district refuses to name, has not beenarrested, but an investigation by the MemphisPolice Department has begun.

Tiffany McConnell told WMC Action News 5 that she questioned her daughter, Payden, when she woke up one morning with a black eye after noticing puffiness the evening before. “I asked her what happened. She told me her teacher pushed her down and punched her, and I was devastated.”

Payden began kindergarten last week, and McConnell says the transition was difficult for her daughter. She told Fox Memphis, “My daughter said she was crying and screaming because she wanted to come home with me, and the teacher got mad because she wanted to go to the restroom again…and pushed her down and punched her.” She says the school’s principal told her another child also witnessed the incident.

McConnell will home school her daughter for the rest of the year. “My child is afraid to go back around theschool,” she explained.

The district plans to follow up with the allegations. Shelby County Schools said in a statement, “The District is investigating these allegations, and the teacher has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.”

These occurrences serve as reminders that we must listen to our black kids and know what’s going in their white racist controlled classrooms. 

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“The Curse of Community,” Village Voice, January 16, 1996—reprinted in
Class Notes: Posing as Politics and Other Thoughts on the American Scene (New Press, 2000) [x]

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I’m only sharing tweets for those who are not on twitter and can’t see how passionate and outraged journalists are as they tweet from #Ferguson.

If you are on Twitter, here’s a good roster of people to follow if you want to keep updated.

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My brand is finally here!! I make art and apparel designed to celebrate, empower, and uplift women of color from all walks of life. Please help support my movement. Tell all your friends, tell them to tell their friends!! Help me share it with the world, we deserve to take up space, and be loved and celebrated everyday!! Shop here.

Aw, hello Talen. :)

This is super cute!

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For many African communities, markets still play a pivotal role in our daily lives. Markets are not only a center of activity - from bustle to hustle - but are a place for people to shop, socialize and have stimulating interactions. Located in the country’s capital city, Mozambique’s Xipamanine market is one such place.

Let lovely ladies at Nzualo Na’ Khumalo introduce to a place that’s much more than the negative search results it gets.

If you Google the word “Xipamanine” a lot of references might be thrown at you. Some words will pop right up: “Crowded”, “ disorganized”, “cluttered”, “filthy”, etc.

"Don’t let it fool you, Xipamanine is unique business center.  Like most informal markets, it is a world of its own. It is famous for its supersize, but in our opinion it is all the noise and excentric organization that make it unique.

People scream, dance, yell, do anything to get your attention. They’re here to sell. You’re there to buy. Here you can purchase anything from clothing, to construction material, school supplies, food, traditional medicine and even live animals like goats.

The people here are brave. This is people who weren’t afraid to take the little they had to build an empire. People who dared to put themselves out there. People who took the shot.

From mothers to grandfathers, everyone here is striving for something better.

People just like us. That’s why it made sense for us to go there, to trace our inspiration and bring that piece of our soul into Back to the roots.

This is where our grandparents and parents purchased their goods before the existence of Shopping malls with defined infrastructures. It is also where young folks like us come to buy the latest fashion or food to feed their families.

We wanted to showcase in a more honest way the unique feeling and vibe of the market. Our pictures are not edited, for this reason.

We wanted to bring the rawness of its beauty; the texture of its environment; the loudness of people and animals.


This is Xipamanine!”

NEW MUSIC: Kelela x Le1f x P Morris - OICU.

Art li(n)es. #cityvarsity #capetown #kloofstreet (at CityVarsity)

DECONSTRUCT // CONSTRUCT | #vscocam #capetown #loopst #loopstreet (at Loop Street)

Men at work. #capetown #loopstreet #loopst (at Loop Street)

Watch recent Emmy Award winner Uzo Aduba’s post-Emmy interview.

Tibetan Monks living in exile in India flew to Ferguson to show support for Mike Brown and community.

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Style Icon: Mafikizolo’s Nhlanhla Nciza.

I just can’t let the month of August - Women’s Month in South Africa - go by without dedicating a few posts to my favourite women of Mzansi.

After a year of some serious hit-making with fellow artist Theo Kgosinkwe under the moniker ‘Mafikizolo’, in what I believe to me one of the best musical comebacks of all time, singer, songwriter, wife, mother and one half of one of the continent’s most popular groups, Nhlanlha Nciza is also a certified style icon. To call her any less would, at the very least, be an understatement.

Much like the genre of music Mafikizolo makes, Nciza’s style is a unique blend of various traditional African influences mixed with bits of contemporary African and Western fashions.

Although the band have always had an air of glamour and sophistication about them dating as far back as their Kwela, Van Toeka Af and Sibongiledays, where they channeled Sophiatown and took inspiration from other 20th century fashions, Nciza’s style has never been so bold, with her adoption of beautifully loud colours, and so distinctly representative of parts of the African continent - whether she’s wearing a gele, ankara styles common in West and Central African countries, jewelry inspired by East or Southern African cultures, silhouettes, prints, patterns and textiles from all over Africa. Not to mention how consistent her looks have been in all of their recent music videos, live performances and red carpet appearances.

But the best thing about Nhlanhla Nciza’s style has to be that, aside from looking flawless all the time, no one else can pull off what she does in the way that she does it.

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