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Berlinale Talents is the annual summit and networking platform of the Berlin International Film Festival for 300 emerging film creatives from all over the world.

The next edition of Berlinale Talents takes place Feb 7- 12, 2015. The Summit programme of Berlinale Talents offers a range of master classes and interactive panel discussions taking place at the three venues of HAU Hebbel am Ufer Theatre in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

The approximately 35 sessions centered around an annually changing topic, vary in format and set up: In the ‘grand format’ sessions at the main theatre (HAU1), experts of international reputation give insights into their work. During the mid-scale ‘atelier’ sessions in HAU2 and HAU3 experienced filmmakers and audience are invited to enter into a dialogue.

Talents can register for specific summit sessions for free. For general audiences, tickets are available at the festival and HAU box offices.


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Vintage cover photos of magazines that catered specifically to black women. 

So, I’m currently in an awfully sticky situation. As I was riding the bus yesterday morning, upon exiting through the back door, the driver shut the doors on me and ended up closing it on both my laptop and phone in my handbag. All despite me yelling to him to not close the doors (as I was leaving) and then yelling for him to open them as soon as he shut them (which he did not do ‘til the next stop). The next stop was less than a minute away but in that time, both my laptop and phone experienced some serious trauma and damage. 

My laptop screen is completely messed up, although thankfully the laptop still turns on and makes normal sounds. My phone (an iPhone 4) is badly cracked on both sides (can’t take pics of that now) but is thankfully still working. Currently lodging a complaint with the bus company but until I can get my laptop fixed, not much blogging and such will take place. 

If I owe you a response to an email, message or submission, please bear with me as my access to the internet has been hampered because of this. 

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding!

- Funke


Join Global Voices bloggers for a worldwide, multilingual tweetathon in support ofthe ten bloggers and journalists facing terrorism charges in Ethiopia.

The Global Voices community and our network of allies are demanding justice for these men and women, all of whom have worked hard to expand spaces for social and political commentary in Ethiopia through blogging and journalism. We believe their arrest is a violation of their universal right to free expression, and that the charges filed against them are unjust. Learn more about their story and the campaign for their release at the Zone9 Trial Tracker blog.

The bloggers’ trial begins on August 4, 2014. Until then, and beyond, they will need all the support they can get. So this Thursday, we as a global community of bloggers, writers, activists, and social media experts will share this message around the world, tweeting in our native languages at community leaders, government and diplomatic officials, and mainstream media to draw public attention to the case.

The World Tweets for Ethiopia’s Zone9 Bloggers on July 31


Rudeboy Lates // DJ Set by Voodoo Gents aka ACF

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FKA Twigs,

NEW MUSIC: FKA Twigs - Pendulum.

As we await FKA Twigs’ highly anticipated debut LP1, the singer recently gave us another preview of a song featured on the album whilst on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1. The singer described Pendulum as one of her favourite tracks on the record.

The album drops on August 12th on Young Turks but for now, you can listen to the ethereal Two Weeks and leaked track Video Girl. 

DOCUMENTARY: “The Dark Side of Chocolate”.

A documentary that highlights the exploitative labour practices within the global chocolate industry, and how this creates slave-like conditions for many children that are forced to work on cocoa plantations in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. 

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Cocoa Farmers in Ivory Coast Taste Chocolate for the First Time.

Despite the Ivory Coast being the largest exporter of cocoa in the world, many of the farmers who cultivate the cocoa beans that are the main ingredient in one of the world’s best loved treats, chocolate, rarely see the fruit of their labor. The industry is also marred by child labour.

As the narrator so aptly puts it, the cocoa is a mutli-billion dollar industry that divides the world into two groups  - the gluttons and the beggars.

Whilst large corporations like Nestle and Cadbury benefit greatly from this trade, those who sit at the bottom of the totem pole are the exploited farmers who are the victims of unfair trade and labour policies. And, as this video demonstrates, some of the farmers have never had the opportunity to taste the end product that their crops are used for.

Further viewing: “The Dark Side of Chocolate”.

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Justice is not a quantitative question. If you steal something for long enough it doesn’t become yours
Kwame Ture (formerly Stokely Carmichael) on settler colonialism (via decolonizehistory)

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Awa Ceesay and Brenda Mutoni for ROBERT WUN FW/14 ‘VOLT’ U+Magazine

Photography - Sebastian Abugattas
Director - Robert Wun
Art Director - Naomi James
Producer - Diago Mariotta Mendez
Assistant - Loko Yu / Kamran Rajput
Photography assistant - Ingrid Pumayalla
Hair - Adam Szabo
Make up - Joanna Banach

Nigerian Gold Medalist Fails Drug Test At Commonwealth Games.

Nigerian gold medalist and 16-year-old weightlifting star Chika Amalaha has been provisionally suspended from the current Commonwealth Games, taking place in Glasgow, after failing an in-competition drug test.

Amalaha’s ‘A’ sample contained amiloride and hydrochlorothiazide, both of which are prohibited as diuretics and masking agents. She will now have a ‘B’ sample tested on Wednesday.

Speaking on the issue, Commonwealth Games Federation chief executive Mike Hooper said: ‘We [have] issued a formal notice of disclosure to an athlete following an adverse analytical finding as a consequence of an in-competition test. That athlete is Nigerian weightlifter Chika Amalaha who was tested on July 25th. That athlete has now been suspended from the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

'The relevant processes, as detailed in our anti-doping standard for the Games, are now being followed and Ms Amalaha has pursued her right to have her 'B' sample tested. This will take place at an accredited laboratory in London tomorrow (Wednesday), July 30. Upon receipt of those results the process will continue.'

This isn’t the first time a Nigerian lifter has been suspended for doping. However, what is shocking in this case is how young the athlete is. In 2001, the Nigerian Weightlifting Federation was suspended for repeated doping violations by the International Weightlifting Federation. They were also banned from competing in the Manchester Games the following year.

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"La Parisienne" - INYU Summer 2014 Collection Lookbook.

Inyu's latest summer collection, “La Parisienne”, merges classic carefree Parisian cosmopolitan feminine chic with bold wax print patterns that gives each garment a day-and-night wear flexibility.

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NEW MUSIC: Zaki Ibrahim - Draw the Line.

The opening song on South African-Canadian singer Zaki Ibrahim's 2012 release Every Oppositefinally gets a music video.

Filmed in a coloured neighborhood in the Cape Flats area of Cape Town, the video follows a day in the life of a young girl in an area and community that was and still is marred by the harsh racial and social policies of apartheid, but is also rich in culture and history. The video captures a myriad of emotions and paints a portrait of a girl caught between two worlds - that of her immediate surroundings, and that of her imagination.

Ibrahim was born in Canada to a South African father and mother from the UK. Her father, Zane Ibrahim, was a pioneering radio broadcaster in South Africa and was one of the founders of Bush Radio, an influential community station birthed by anti-apartheid activists and began as an illegal pirate radio station in 1993.

A multicultural individual, Ibrahim’s upbringing was one of a global citizen having lived in Canada, South Africa, the UK, France and Lebanon, but is currently based in Cape Town.

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