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FKA twigs for V Magazine #91 photographed by Sølve Sundsbø, styled by Beat Bolliger.

NEW MUSIC: Cassper Nyovest - “Phumakim”.

Cassper Nyovest is hands down the single best thing to happen to South African hip-hop in the past couple of years.

With singles like Gusheshe, Doc Shebeleza and his recent double-video feature for Tsibip, which I’m still not over, it’s no surprise that his debut album Tsholofelo hit the number 1 spot on the iTunes South African albums chart (and stayed there for two months in a row). 

Now, the Maftwon-raised single Rapunzel braid sporting rapper has released visuals for his rags-to-riches anthem Phumakim - his most catchy-sounding sing along record yet.

Listen to Luke James’ upcoming self-titled debut studio album ahead of its September 23rd release date.

James’ will be performing live at SOBs on September 23rd for his official album release party.

Watch him perform a live version of his lead single Options.

ART | Paintings by James Brutus.

James Brutus on Facebook & Tumblr.


"Adam" (09.05.14)
Model:  Rahm Bowen

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Grace Bol should give lessons on shameless self-love.

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Ajak Deng taking selfies backstage at Christian Dior F/W 11


Ajak Deng taking selfies backstage at Christian Dior F/W 11

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Zanerobe : Styled by Street Etiquette 001 - L.A 

About two weeks we went on the road with our Aussie brothers, Zanerobe most notable for their sureshot pants (joggers) with a super laid back style between casual and formal. We traveled from LA, Portland and finally Seattle on a three city shoot with clothes from their monochrome collection   

Photography by Christopher Parsons

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Everyday People Stories.
Johannesburg, South Africa.

Images by Cedric Nzaka.

Cecile Emeke’s ‘Strolling’ Series Documents and Gives A Voice to Diasporan Youth in the UK.

Armed with the objective of removing the veil of invisibility cast upon young black voices and faces, Strolling is a multimedia series created by filmmaker Cecile Emeke that sees her walking through the streets of London with other young black individuals discussing any and everything that concerns their daily realities. Strolling was birthed from Emeke’s everyday conversations with friends and acquaintances that often found her sentiments about issues relating to life as a young diasporan African in the UK being echoed, inspiring the filmmaker in her to document these interactions.

Whilst the series adopts a one-way casual form of dialogue, the importance of this project is not in any way diminished by the nature of the conversation. Rather, the messages embedded in these videos are all the more amplified by this form of broadcast, and the visual communicative platform allows the audiences to engage with the individuals without interrupting their agency or representation of themselves.

As Emeke says:

"Growing up in London I was not reflected anywhere, not fully. I think most of us tried to grasp on to images of African-American culture, and we tried to cling on to our identities from the Caribbean and Africa. We’d wave our Jamaica flags at carnival and watch reruns of fresh prince but ultimately nothing reflected us. We didn’t exist.

Part of the aim of erasure is to alienate you and therefore silence you. Strolling is the complete and utter rejection of this implicit call to silence and the self-destructive assimilation required for survival.”

In this video, Abraham strolls through Hackney with Emeke as he chats to her (and us) about everything from male feminists, patriarchy, crying, to “great” Britain, reparations for Africa, Palestine, Boko Haram, hair and more.

The full playlist is embedded above.

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NEW MUSIC: Sipho the Gift - “Somewhere”.

New school rapper with an old school flow, South African artist Sipho the Gift doesn’t sound like any other hip-hop artist that’s come out of the country’s local scene in a while. That’s what makes him so good.

As this video demonstrates, his music making process is as organic as his sound, and it’s great to see a rapper stripped down and his element.

H/T to Alec Lomami for putting us on!


Observe The Will In You

Anatomy Tropics

Photography by Kwesi Abbensetts

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Taral Hicks as Keisha in Belly directed by Hype Williams (1998) 

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Black Excellence.


Kimanie Farquharson, Chris and Taejahn Taylor + Photographer Timothy Rosado

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